Shell Sets

You want to play electronic and acoustic drums without having two complete drum sets? You don't want to miss real drum experience every time you switch from your acoustic to your electronic set? Here is our solution...

Our shell sets are converted real acoustic drums. They are fully acoustically playable only by changing the batter heads from mesh to milar. You chose your desired acoustic shell set from a drum manufacturer you like and we order everything you need and convert it for you. You don't know which one you should choose? We help you to find the perfect drums for your purpose. Just contact us for an individual quotation. Overall pricings and configurations you can find in the download section.


All AE | Shell Sets are equipped with our dual zone AE-STS trigger systems and high quality SPAREDRUM 3 ply mesh heads from drum-tec to provide the most realistic drum experience.

The trigger systems can still be attached when the drums are acoustically converted to use additional sample layers for hybrid applications.


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