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AE|Snare Materia 14 Nebula Titanium

€ 549,00
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Product Details

AE|SN Materia Snare - Custom Series

Finish: Nebula Titanium

Dimension: 14 " x 6,5"

Material: hammered steel

All AE | Snares contain our invisible built in AE | STS - Shell Trigger System. It provides dual zone triggering for head and rim zone. The head zone provides a extreme sensitive articulation for all kinds of drumming styles from soft jazz to heavey metal. All AE | Shell Trigger Systems are positional sensing compatible.

We exclusively use high quality SpareDrum 3-ply mesh heads on the batter side for best trigger results. The third layer at the bottom of the head dampens the vibrations and avoid unwanted doubletriggers. As a result of that, the head can be cranked nearly as tight as an acoustic milar drum head for the most realistic feel.

The electronic jack connection is solved seamlessly and invisible via air vent hole. No further holes are drilled into the original acoustic shells. All snare hoops are covered with rim protectors to reduce noise and stick wearout.

Hybrid Drumming has never been easier...

For conversion to an acoustic or hybrid application you only have to change the batter mesh head and adjust the trigger cone as you like within seconds and without tools, thats it... All AE | Snares are fully acoustic playable snare drums.

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