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We are proud to work with some great drummers and artists all over the world. Become an AE | Artist and contact us.

- Digitlal Drumming -

Ralf Schumacher studied at the music colleges Mainz & Hamburg and has been working as a professional drummer for 20 years, looking back on hundreds of gigs with various artists & bands in different musical genres (tour, festivals, studio, TV, theatre). 

He works as a content creator and brand ambassador for a variety of renowned electronic drum companies, Sonor drums, Agean Cymbals and other companies.


DigitalDrumming  |  Homepage 
Spytunes Studio

Mauricio Weimar - Extreme Drums.png

- Extreme Drums -

As far as I can recall I’ve always been very connected with music. I am so grateful to my family that always supported me. I was 11 years when I bought my first kit. I can also play many other instruments, but the drums is where I can really express myself in the most natural way I can think of.

Honestly, I can’t see myself having an acoustic kit anymore. It’s just so much convenience with eKits today.


Extreme Drums  |  Instagram  |  Toontrack

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