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- FAQ -

Where can I buy AE Hybrid | Drums?

You can purchase AE Hybrid | Drums and AE | Low Volume Cymbals exclusively here and directly from us.

How can I place an order for a custom AE | Shell or Drum set?

We make individual quotations, including taxes and shipping fees, for our AE | Shell, Drum and Cymbal sets.

Send us your requested drum configuration (shell set, drum module, cymbals, hardware?) and we will reply as soon as                possible. Once we worked out a binding order, we will send you an order confirmation with attached invoice with an usual 7 days request for payment.

How much do AE | Low Volume Cymbals cost and can I purchase single cymbals or custom sets?

Prices for AE | Low Volume Cymbal sets are as listed in the Pricings & Products brochure in the download section.

We basically only sell cymbal sets as listed. Contact us for individual requests.

I don't live in Germany, can I still buy AE | Hybrid Drums and Cymbals?

We ship internationally. Please contact us for individual shipping conditions for your country.

What about prices, tax & import fees for international orders?

All prices in our Pricings & Products brochure are listed in € EUR and include 19% German VAT. If you import from outside the European Union you need to deduct 19%  VAT from the prices. Note that there may be import tax / custom fees in your country after import. 

How long does delivery take?

Within Germany, the average time of production and delivery for AE | Shell Sets is approx. 14-21 days, for AE | Drum Sets approx. 30 days for AE | Low Volume Cymbal Sets around 21 days from the day we received your payment. If we have cymbal or shell sets in stock, delivery of course is much faster. Please contact us for terms of delivery for your country.

Where are AE Hybrid | Drums and Cymbals made?

All our products are elaborately and lovingly handcrafted by us here in Germany. We only use high-quality materials and parts to make our AE-STS and AE-CTS Trigger Systems. For our AE | Drum Sets we exclusively use high-quality components of renowned brands.