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All AE Hybrid | Drums contain our invisible built in AE | STS Shell Trigger Systems. They provide dual zone triggering for head and rim zone (except kick trigger). The head zone provides a super sensitive articulation for all kinds of drumming styles from playing  soft jazz with brushes to heavey metal. All AE | Trigger Systems are positional sensing compatible. 

The brand new STS Snare Multi-Trigger System with 3 head sensors provides hotspot-less playability all over the head zone while still providing positional sensing.

AE - STS Trigger System 3.png

Along with our AE | Shell and Drum Sets we supply a little manual, also available in the SUPPORT menu. The trigger adjustment is easy and fast for best trigger results for your electronic or hybrid setup. 

The electronic jack connection is solved seamlessly and invisible via air vent hole. No further holes will be drilled into the original acoustic shells. All drum hoops are covered with rimnoise protection to reduce noise and stick wearout.


We exclusively use high quality SpareDrum 3-ply mesh batter heads for best trigger results. Our trigger systems are compatible to most drum modules and electronic drum concepts on the market. 

Drum conversion has never been easier... The resonance heads stay the original acoustic milar heads. Every converted shell contains a removable foam dampening plate to reduce the volume to a minimum. For conversion to an acoustic or hybrid application you only have to change the batter head, remove the dampening plate and adjust the trigger as you like within seconds and without tools, thats it.

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