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AE Hybrid | Drums electronic shell sets are based on high quality real acoustic drums. Our philosophy is you chose your prefered acoustic set and we convert it for you. Get your personal real acoustic hybrid drum set here.

To buy already converted drums please visit our online shop. Here you will find a selection some nice shell sets and snare drums.


Contact us via contact form below on the website or directly at for individual price calculation.

Tell us your dream drum set you want to have for acoustic and electronic usage and we make it real.

*possible electronic shell configurations depend on the amounts of inputs on the used drum module

You already have an acoustic shell set? We convert your drums with our dual zone AE | STS Shell Trigger Systems for electronic and hybrid application. Just contact us for a quotation.


To complete the acoustic feel experience, you can get our AE | CTS Low Volume eCymbals with our dual and three zone cymbal trigger systems. We provide 14" dual zone HiHats, 14" to 20" single & dual zone Crashes, 18" & 20" three zone Ride cymbals as well as single zone 10" splash and 16" & 18" china cymbals. No compromises with plastic or rubber cymbals.

Use our drum shell sets to complete your own setup or get a full drum set including drum module, a cymbal set and a full hardware set. Our trigger systems are optimized for application with Roland, 2box, ATV, Pearl and comparable drum modules. Our basic drum set configuration contain the Roland TD-17 drum modul with optional additional sounds and presets. All drums are applied with high quality SpareDrum 3-ply mesh heads.

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