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You want to play electronic and acoustic drums without having two complete drum sets? You don't want to miss real drum experience every time you switch from your acoustic to your electronic set? Here is our solution...

The AE | Drum Kits provide full size hybrid drum sets. The shell sets are based on high quality real acoustic drums. You can buy one of our AE | eKits from our online shop, or you choose an individual acoustic drum shell set from a brand you like and we convert it for you. Also check out our AE | STS Shell Trigger Systems, if you want to convert your shells by yourself. 

You don't know which way you like to choose? We help you to find the perfect drums and solution for your purpose.

Just contact us for an individual quotation.


The package contain a fully converted shell set of your choice covert with high quality 3-ply mesh heads from SpareDrum, a drum modul like the Roland TD-17 or any compatible module you like, a 5 piece AE | CTS Low Volume eCymbal set and a sturdy 7 piece hardware set.

All AE Hybrid | Drum kits come along with a modern drum module of your choice like Roland TD-17, TD-27, TD-50, 2box DrumIt 3 & 5, Pearl MimicPro or ATV aD5. Only to name a few.


We  provide additional sound packs and custom presets with even more realistic acoustic drum sounds as well as some high end and innovative electronic kits. 

Contact us for an individual set configuration.

To complete the acoustic feel experience, you get our AE | CTS Low Volume eCymbals with our dual and three zone cymbal trigger systems. The cymbal set contain two piece top and bottom 14" dual zone HiHats, two 18" dual zone Crashes and a 20" three zone Ride cymbal.

We round up the package with a sturdy and reliable seven-piece chrome hardware set, containing a straight cymbal stand, two boom stands, a snare and hihat stand (with free rotating legs), a drum throne and a selectable  single or double kick pedal. Click on the pictures to get detailed information.

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