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To complete the acoustic feel experience, we offer real metal dual and three zone AE | CTS Low Volume eCymbals.

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With our AE | CTS Low Volume eCymbals we provide 14" dual zone HiHats containing top and bottom cymbals and our custom hihat controller, 14" to 20" single and dual zone Crashes, 18" & 20" three zone Ride cymbals, as well as 10" splash and 16" & 18" china single zone cymbals. No compromise with plastic or rubber cymbals.  You get a real acoustic cymbal feel with low noise metal cymbals. The rim protection ensures long stick durability. 

Our AE | CTS cymbal trigger systems provide 180° edge and 360° bow zone triggering on hihats and crash cymbals and 180° edge, 360° bow and bell triggering on the ride cymbal. All cymbals feature choke/stop function.

*ride cymbal and CHX hihat controller currently not fully compatible with Alesis Strike module

The 14" two piece hihats include our custom stepless AE-CHX hihat controller for accurate hihat open/close status analysing. The possible open/close steps depend on the used drum modul or VSTi software.

Along with our AE | CTS eCymbals we supply a little manual, also available in the SUPPORT menu. The trigger adjustment is easy and fast for best trigger results for your electronic or hybrid setup. 

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