To complete the acoustic feel experience, we offer real metal dual and three zone AE | Low Volume Cymbals.

With our AE | Low Volume Cymbals we provide 14" dual zone HiHats containing top and bottom cymbals and our custom hihat controller, two 18" dual zone Crashes, and 20" three zone Ride cymbals. No compromise with plastic or rubber cymbals.  You get a real acoustic cymbal feel with low noise metal cymbals. The rim protection ensures long stick durability. 

Our AE-CTS cymbal trigger systems provide 180° edge and 360° bow zone triggering on hihats and crash cymbals and 180° edge, 360° bow and bell triggering on the ride cymbal. All cymbals feature choke/stop function.

*Ride cymbals currently not fully compatible with Alesis Strike module

The 14" two piece hihats include our custom stepless AE-CHX hihat controller for accurate hihat open/close status analysing. The possible open/close steps depend on the used drum modul or VSTi software.

To order cymbal sets contact us and check out the Pricings & Products sheet in the download section.


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