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AE|HD Artist - Cyan Coral | eKit

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AE|HD Artist - Cyan Coral

eKit - Package:

- AE|HD Artist shell set (incl. kick head protector patch)

- AE|CTS cymbal set

- Hardware set (select single / double kick pedal)

- eDrum Module (select Roland TD-17 / TD-27 or 2box DrumIt 3)

Shell Fnish: Cyan Coral

Material: Birch, Steel (Snare)

AE|STS Shell Set:

- Kick 22"x18"

- Snare 14"x5,5"

- Toms 12"x9"

- Floortom 14"x14" & 16"x16"

AE|CTS eCymbal Set:

- 2x 18" AE | CTS dual zone eCymbal (bow / edge)

- 20" AE | CTS triple zone eCymbal (bow / edge / bell)

- 14" AE | CTS dual zone eCymbal (bow / edge)

- AE | CHX hihat controller

Hardware Set:

- straight cymbal stand

- 2x cymbal boom stand

- snare stand

- hihat stand (with free rotating legs)

- double tom holder

- drum throne

- single or double kick pedal (selectable)

eDrum Module:

- select one of these modules: Roland TD-17, Roland TD-27 or 2box DrumIt3

* other modules on request

Our shell sets are converted real acoustic drums. They are fully acoustically playable only by changing the batter heads from mesh to milar.

All AE | Hybrid Drum Shells contain our invisible built in AE | STS - Shell Trigger System. It provides dual zone triggering for head and rim zone (except Kick). All AE | Shell Trigger Systems are positional sensing compatible.

We exclusively use high quality SpareDrum 3-ply mesh heads on the batter side for best trigger results

Hybrid Drumming has never been easier...

For conversion to an acoustic or hybrid application you only have to change the batter mesh head and adjust the trigger cone as you like within seconds and without tools, thats it...

The STS trigger systems can stay attached when the drums are acoustically converted to use additional sample layers for hybrid applications.

The CTS three zone Ride cymbal provide 180° edge, 360° bow and bell triggering. All dual and tripple zone cymbals feature choke/stop function.

The 14" two piece hihats include our custom stepless AE-CHX controller for accurate hihat open/close status analysing. The available open/close steps depend on the used drum modul or VSTi software.

No compromise with plastic or rubber cymbals. You get a real acoustic cymbal feel with low noise steel alloy cymbals. The rim protection ensures long stick durability.

Choose one of the listed eDrum modules. All modules we offer are 100% compatible with our drums and cymbals. We also provide other modules like Roland TD-50 and Pearl MimicPro. Please contact us for an individual module selection for your eKit.

The eKit includes a sturdy and reliable double braced seven-piece chrome hardware set, containing a straight cymbal stand, two boom stands, a snare and hihat stand (with free rotating legs), a drum throne and a selectable single or double kick pedal.
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